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What is different about COBE Construction? A lot. Since our formation in 2003, we have pushed ourselves to be different in ways that serve our client's needs. Here are the top 3 COBE Advantages!

Exceptional Team

In construction, it's all about the team.

Our special group of people brings:

  • Advanced technical skills and experience to deliver on client goals

  • A network of close construction partners that share COBE’s drive for excellence and passion to exceed client expectations

  • Unparalleled commitment, ownership and passion for every project’s success

  • Inspirational dedication to continuous improvement that includes finding innovative ways to streamline the construction process

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Innovative Tools

We need the best we had to build our own!

Our unique set of resources includes:

  • The COBE HUB™, our proprietary construction management software that delivers better project organization, more efficient project management methods, and ease of communications

  • COBE PreCheck™, our set of COBE project checklists that eliminates unnecessary project delays and costly inefficiencies

  • Our COBE training modules for advanced use of the industry’s top software tools and COBE's innovative methods to build better


Streamlined Approach

How you approach a challenge determines your level of success.

Our proven COBE Ways’ achieve:

  • Our top priority - safely delivering on client goals

  • Thorough understanding of client needs through our We-Listen-First™ discovery process and highly interactive planning phase

  • Built-in efficiencies and faster resolution of inevitable issues by leveraging our experts’ years of project experience

  • Lasting, effective partnerships with clients, subs, architects and engineers due to our dedication to fairness, transparency and respect