Cleanrooms & Advanced Technology

COBE Construction has extensive experience conceptualizing, designing and building the most advanced cleanrooms for the best semiconductor, microelectronics and advanced technology companies in Silicon Valley. Our experience has given us specific expertise and training in:

  • The essential cleanroom protocols for all cleanroom classes (Class 1 - Class 100,000) and safety procedures required to work in active cleanroom facilities that have extremely sensitive, critical semiconductor equipment that must remain operational

  • The technical challenges of these unique projects and knowing the code requirements of facilities with hazardous materials and special occupancies to accomplish fast-track projects, which require experience working with the best expert cleanroom consultants in the Bay Area

  • Building many Bay Area Advanced Technology facilities that include environmental testing, RF testing, acoustical testing, laser testing, battery R&D testing/manufacturing, 3D printing, robotics, quantum physics, metrology, solar cell R&D/manufacturing, high purity cleaning facilities